Eumetcal: Success Stories

Success Stories

Radar Meteorology course 2017
International training courses on radar meteorology have been offered since 2008. They are organized with the contribution of Eumetcal member
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The course was designed in line with WMO Marine Weather Forecaster Competences requirements. Accordingly the following skills were taught: Interpreting
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Workshop on agrometeorology in Ljubljana
The Workshop Agrometeorologist for farmers in hotter, drier, wetter future  took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 9 and 10 November
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Use of simulation for training of Meteorological Technician in ENAV
After attending the first Simulator workshop in Langen, Germany in 2014 (organised by EUMETSAT and supported by Eumetcal), ENAV, the
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Training activities at LEGMC
During the recent years, the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre has significantly developed and supplemented activities aimed for the increase
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SEEMET Training Course on Flash-floods and Floods
Following the initiative of the Directors of the South-East European NHMSs, supported by EUMETSAT, Eumetcal and WMO a series of
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