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1.          Definitions

1.1        “Website” means the website accessible on, owned by SNC EUMETNET. The website excludes the interactive portal which can be accessed on, which is governed by separate terms of use and privacy policy which is published on the portal site.

1.2        “Owner” means SNC EUMETNET.

1.3        “Content” means all data presented on the Website, including but not limited to text, icons, design, photographs, layout, drawings, maps, videos, audio clips, illustrations, logos, slogans, research, software and all downloadable content.

2.          General

2.1        The use of the Website and the Website Content is free to all Website users, and subjects to these general terms and conditions of use. By accessing and using the Website, users agree to the present general terms and conditions of use.

2.2        Users must check the general terms and conditions of use from time to time. Owner retains the right to amend these terms and conditions of use at any time, without prior notification to users. By further accessing and using the Website, users agree to the amended terms and conditions of use.

2.3        Owner retains the right to amend, improve or remove the Content of the Website at any time, without prior notification to users. Owner also retains the right to limit access to the Website, in whole or in part, at any time and without prior notification to users.

3.          Copyright – Intellectual Property

3.1        Users acknowledge that the Website is an original creation protected by intellectual property rights under EU and Belgian legislation which belong exclusively to Owner and/or to its constitutive members.

3.2        Users acknowledge that the right to access the Website does not result in total or partial license or transfer of any intellectual property rights except if explicitly stated herein.

3.3        Users agree not to disclose or make available to the public any of the Content, in which case users risk to be denied access to the Website without prejudice to any claims for damages.

3.4        Unless expressly otherwise stated, Content may only be used for private, research and educational purposes. This right to use granted to website users is a personal and non-transferable right.

3.5        Any other use such as commercial or professional but non-commercial use of any part of the Content regardless in which form and by which means, is only possible with the express written and prior authorisation of the Executive Director of EUMETNET. A request to obtain such authorization should be sent by email to or by post to SNC EUMETNET, c/o Institut Royal Météorologique, Avenue Circulaire Ringlaan 3, 1180 Brussels. For Content made available in the context of a specific scientific project, Owner reserves the right to impose different and/or more stringent conditions for the use of such Content.

3.6        On each copy and each publication of any parts of the Content, the source (URL of the web page) and, when relevant, the name of the program, project and/or researcher must be clearly mentioned.

4.          Prohibited use

4.1       Owner is not responsible for any damage resulting from the unauthorized use or dissemination of Content. 

4.2        It is expressly forbidden to either display a page of the Website in a frame on a third party webpage, app or program (for instance, by “framing”, “embedding” or a similar technique) or insert an image (by the technique known as”in-line linking” or any other means) of the Website on a page, app or program that does not belong to Owner nor to its constitutive membership.

4.3        Repeated and systematic and/or automated extractions of the Website or its Content are not permitted.

4.4        Violation of these provisions may result in the application of criminal and civil penalties provided for by law.

5.          Disclaimers

5.1        The Content is intended solely for information of visitors.

5.2        All Content provided on the Website is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of intellectual property rights.

5.3        The Website uses recent technical standards and Owner provides its best effort to ensure that information is as complete, accurate and up-to-date as possible.

5.4        Owner declines all responsibility for any inaccuracies, shortcomings or errors in the provided Content. Owner shall have no responsibility to maintain information made available on this Website nor to supply any corrections, updates, or releases in connection therewith.

5.5        Owner disclaims all liability for any errors, omissions or changes in the Content resulting from intrusions, viruses or any other disruption emanating or not from a third party whether identified or not. Owner does not in any way guarantee that the use of this Website is exempt from viruses or any other damaging elements.

5.6        Should there be any inaccuracies or errors in the provided Content, users are encouraged to inform Owner by e-mail at or by post at SNC EUMETNET, c/o Institut Royal Météorologique, Avenue Circulaire Ringlaan 3, 1180 Brussels.

5.7        Access to and use of the Content, in whole or in part, is the user’s sole responsibility. Neither Owner nor any other party involved in creating, producing or providing the Content shall be held liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of users’ access to, use of, or inability to access or make use of the Content provided on the Website.

6.          Hyperlinks Policy

6.1        By providing links to third-party websites, Owner does not guarantee, approve nor endorse information, products or services available on these websites and makes no warranty as to the accuracy, lawfulness or use of resources available on these websites. Links contained on the Website are for information purposes only.

6.2        Owner cannot be held liable for the use or content in the external links provided, nor for inconsistencies between the external site’s privacy policy and the Website’s privacy policy (defined hereunder). On entering the sites of external links contained in the Website, users should be aware that other policies (including privacy policies) may apply.

6.3        Owner welcomes the establishment of a hypertext link to the Website provided that the technique of “deep linking” is not used, i.e., the pages of the Website should not be embedded within the pages of another site, but accessible only through the opening a new window clearly identifying the Website. Such a link shall not alter the Content of the Website. 

6.4        Owner does not guarantee that linked websites are exempt for viruses or any other damaging element. Similarly, Owner cannot be held liable for any damage due to the potential occurrence of such damaging elements and/or viruses.

6.5        Owner is not responsible for hyperlinks on any third party websites to the Website and reserves the right to refrain anybody from establishing a link pointing to it at any time.

7.          Privacy Policy

7.1        Users’ email addresses collected in the contact form are only used in order to adequately reply to their enquiries. By completing this contact form, users agree to the processing of their personal data in accordance with this specific aim.

7.2        This information is never shared with or sold to third parties other than the Website host. However, data can be shared to Owner’s constitutive members if this is required or useful for the enquiry.

7.3        Data collected by the contact form are stored for no longer than one year.

7.4        If users provide data by filling in the contact form on the Website, they can consult such data, have it corrected or, if necessary, deleted. Such a request should be made by email to or by post to SNC EUMETNET, c/o Institut Royal Météorologique, Avenue Circulaire Ringlaan 3, 1180 Brussels.

7.5        Complaints for potential violations of Belgian privacy rules on this Website can be submitted to the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy, at

8.          Jurisdiction and applicable law

8.1        All disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions of use will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Brussels, Belgium.

8.2        These terms and conditions of use and any dispute arising out of or in connection to these terms and conditions of use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Belgium.