Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images 2018 Course

Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images 2018 Course

1 October to 11 November (Online) / 19 to 23 November (Classroom)

International training courses on satellite meteorology have being offered since 2012. These courses are delivered with cooperation between EUMETCAL, EUMeTrain and the DWD.

This course will be blended – eight topics will be covered during the online phase (self-study, three live presentations, playground sessions, short tests and homework for students) and students will attend a one-week classroom phase at the training centre of the DWD in Langen.

Two categories of students were defined:

  • only online participants or
  • participants in both phases


    Registration is open until 10 August 2018.

    Six trainers are available for preparing the course material for self-studies, online lecturing, guiding the students during their work with tests and homework, and for evaluating the students’ work. During the classroom part in Langen five trainers will train the students and will guide them through the exercises and the group works.

    The course content is in accordance to the WMO-requirements “No 1083, BIP-M”. All students will have to prove their skills by delivering homework, exercises, and quizzes of high-quality.