Satellite observations of deep convective storms – learn and discuss

Satellite observations of deep convective storms – learn and discuss

Training module, online

The Convective Storms module is a resource produced by EUMETSAT, in collaboration with Martin Setvak (CHMI). It focuses on the satellite observations of deep convective storms, and their interpretation.

The module explores what the present weather satellites can tell us about internal structure of storms and their possible severity, with impacts on nowcasting of possibly severe storms.  Material included in the module is mostly based on the MSG satellite SEVIRI instrument. But it also includes some AVHRR and MODIS imagery to show storm tops in better detail, explain the limitations of the MSG data, or indicate what we can expect from the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG).

The examples are aimed at an African audience, nevertheless, the presented techniques of image enhancement and image interpretation are valuable for nowcasting and monitoring of convective storms in general. The module is currently only available in English. The French version is in preparation and will be released soon.

In addition, we used a new approach and opened the material for discussion. The ‘discussion’ feature has been provided to the users to comment on the content and to ask or answer questions.