CM4SH available in SatManu

CM4SH available in SatManu

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We finally have first conceptual models from southern hemisphere available in SatManu!

SatManu is the Manual of Synoptic Satellite Meteorology, developed by EUMeTrain project.  Due to a kind offer from four southern Centres of Excellence, eight new conceptual models are now available in associated SatManu format.

Conceptual Models for Southern Hemisphere (CM4SH) is a joint project between four southern hemisphereCentres of Excellence: Argentina, Australia, Brazil and South Africa. The project is co-funded by WMO and EUMETSAT. The first CM4SH project was completed in March 2014.  The new CM4SH project was launched in January 2015, this time assisted by the expert group from The Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics, Indonesia (BMKG).

The purpose of the project is to improve warnings and awareness of weather risks through the use of conceptual models.The philosophy of using satellite material together with other meteorological material was agreed during the development of Conceptual Models. Conceptual Model (CM) descriptions are materialswidely used in weather forecasting, as well as in training at universities and other meteorological training centres.