10th Eumetcal International Workshop

10th Eumetcal International Workshop

15 – 18 June 2015 / Reading

The 10th Eumetcal workshop entitled “Advancing training and education in weather prediction”  was jointly organised by, and held at, ECMWF 15-18 June. The focus of the workshop was exploring how training should advance in the next 10 years, as weather prediction science, models, technologies, and services continue to improve and evolve. Education and training play a significant role in helping staff in hydrometeorological services to gain the skills needed to meet the continuously changing requirements and expectations of customers and stakeholders.

The workshop attracted 70 representatives from European national meteorological services, the WMO, EUMETSAT, the UCAR COMET Program, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, European universities and ECMWF. Training is a key element of ECMWF’s mission, and co-organising the workshop was an opportunity to strengthen links with the Eumetcal project, which has become Europe’s virtual meteorological training organisation.

During the several discussion sessions held in the workshops, the participants explored current and future meteorological training requirements related to the future provision of weather prediction services and changes of end-user requirements. These include the increasing training on the use and interpretation of ensemble prediction products, and corresponding communication to end users; forecasting extreme events, and nowcasting.

The presentation and results of the workshop are available in the workshop page.