SEEMET Training Course on Flash-floods and Floods

SEEMET Training Course on Flash-floods and Floods

Following the initiative of the Directors of the South-East European NHMSs, supported by EUMETSAT, Eumetcal and WMO a series of courses is planned in order to regularly train operational staff of the South-Eastern European Meteorological and Hydrological Services. The first advanced South-Eastern European MET (SEEMET) training  course was organised in Ljubljana from 19 – 21 April 2016 and hosted by ARSO, as a response of training needs in the region of South-Eastern Europe. The course was held in English.

The course covered the topics of floods and flash floods from meteorological and hydrological forecasting and nowcasting point of view. Training was on SEVIRI satellite data and H SAF products, but also on radar data, NWP models, microwave products, hydrologic models and ground observations. Participants were meteorological forecasters and hydrological forecasters from countries of South-Eastern Europe.

The program included lecture stile as well as practical part, so participants worked in pairs with their laptops. 

These learning needs were covered:

  • Forecasting heavy precipitation episodes with regards to flooding
  • Forecasting and monitoring dangerous weather phenomena with regards to flash flooding
  • Forecasting water levels in rivers and asses flooding danger
  • Communicating forecast output to relevant authorities, media, public, etc.

There were all together 52 person participating the course, 36 participants from 10 countries and in addition 16 presenters from 11 countries. From ECMWF there was one on-line presentation (using WebEx).

All SEEMET 2016 presentations have been stored in the “EU Course platform”, maintained by Eumetcal. For additional information and queries to access the material (some restrictions may apply), please contact Ms Mateja Iršič Žibert (ARSO) and Eumetcal management team at

Next SEEMET Course

Next SEEMET Training course is planned to be in Montenegro in 2017. It will cover satellite topics. The detailed agenda will be prepared end of this year in collaboration with EUMETSAT, EUMeTrain and Eumetcal.