New tools available

New tools available

Following tools are available to your organisation to support you with the training you do:

  1. The digital collaboration system from EUMETNET: You can work/collaborate in an easy way with multiple people from (outside) your organisation to prepare your training event. This EUMETNET Confluence system, in which we have our own area, is an convenient alternative for Google Drive which many of our organisations don’t allow us to use.
  2. Webex Training Center: If you want to host your training or meetings online you are welcome to use one of the Eumetcal Webex Training Center licences for that training/meeting event.
  3. Survey Monkey: If you want to run a survey and need an appropriate tool  which makes it easy to analyse the answers, please contact or
  4. Benchmark: Benchmark is a tool we use to send the The Training Bulletin and other bulk emails. Of course you are also welcome to use it for your training related bulk email messages.
  5. ePort: EUMeTrain makes the ePort tool available for training purposes. ePort has been developed to allow you to combine a range of EUMETSAT satellite images with satellite derived products and numerical model fields.
  6. TurningPoint: Soon we hopefully will have TurningPoint technology available for use. TurningPoint polling software is an easy-to-use engagement and assessment solution that allows learners to participate in real time using a keypad or their own mobile, tablet or computer. The audience response system provides a variety of interactive polling options to meet the unique needs of each and every environment
  7. Portal: You are welcome that you can use the portal to host your training.


Compared to the “old Moodle” this system enables the participants to:

  • manage the enrolment for courses,
  • see at a glance for what learning activities they are assigned to, or on the waiting or interest list in “My Learning Portal”,
  • see what learning activities they have finished and easily get access to the learning material and certificates that came with these finished learning activities.


It also offers the course/training organiser help with:

  • handling the course administration in an automatic way (enrolments, cancelling enrolments, participants lists, registration of participation, etc.),
  • handling all the communication with the participants around the training activities in an automatic way,
  • creating the certificates for the training activities, which will be sent automatically,
  • managing the certification process of your employees when needed,
  • running an evaluation process on the training activities in the system.

It also provides opportunities to create management reports related to costs, certificates, compliance, occupation of courses, amount, kind and type of learning activities and the average of the evaluations which gives you in most cases an easier insight in the results of your training activities.


In the case that you have your own Learning Management System (LMS) and you want to collaborate with the community on Education and Training matters using your own LMS we have the possibility to use the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) protocol options to interconnect the two Moodle systems. In this way you are able to use courses or course material from others for your own purposes and/or share your courses and course material with the community.


To better enable the use of each other’s training offers/material and to make this Eumetcal Portal “The European place-to-go for all Education and Training related Questions”  we invite you to use this Eumetcal Portal also for the Learning and Development activities for your own internal purposes. So, for instance, to use it for training activities for your own people in your own language. In this way we can make it visible what is happening in the area of education and training within the community and hope to help you as a Eumetcal Member with your day-to-day E&T related work


If you want to find out more about these tools and use these tools for your training, please contact Tomislav at or

When you have wishes with regard to (new) tools for (your) training which could become part of this Eumetcal training support package, please let us know too.


With the winter on its way we have a number of training options available:

The Road Weather Event week

From 9th till 13th December 2019 EUMeTrain organizes an Event Week about Road Weather. Several road weather related topics will be addressed during the event week and the main weight of the event will be on winter weather.

Target audience are operational meteorologist but also researchers and developers.

Road weather forecasting can be a very challenging task and the communication with customers is a critical part of the whole forecasting process. Regional climatological differences may vary a lot internationally and even nationally. However, the forecasting process itself faces the same challenges in different countries. Therefore the aim of this event is to raise the awareness about different weather phenomena that can affect road conditions and also to talk about the tools and forecasting methods that are in use in different organizations. Another goal is to present the customer´s side in the field of road maintenance.

The Event Week is fully virtual, which means the presentations will be done online using the WEBEX software. For the registrations please use this link.



The COMET’s lesson, “Interpreting and Communicating EPS Guidance: Germany Winter Event”

As an outcome of the Eumetcal EPS working group COMET is pleased to announce the publication of the new lesson, “Interpreting and Communicating EPS Guidance: Germany Winter Event” ( or the portal).

This 45-minute lesson This module is a result of a collaboration between MSC, COMET, ECMWF, AEMET, SMHI and Manchester University and briefly introduces learners to the benefits of using probabilistic forecast information to assess weather and communicate forecast uncertainties. Learners will explore a winter weather event in Germany and practice synthesizing deterministic and probabilistic forecast guidance to better understand forecast uncertainties based on lead-time. Additionally, learners will decide how to best communicate the potential weather threats and impacts to local end users. The lesson is another component of the Forecast Uncertainty: EPS Products, Interpretation, and Communication distance learning course (

The intended audience for “Interpreting and Communicating EPS Guidance: Germany Winter Event” includes national and international forecasters, upper-level meteorology students, and decision-makers who regularly receive specialized communications from weather agencies.

For best viewing of content on the MetEd website, please ensure that you have a browser updated to its latest version with JavaScript.

More info on how this collaboration came in place, please see:


Please let us know when you have training events or material available to share with the community. Then we will make sure to make it available through