Webinar on access to RapidScat data

Webinar on access to RapidScat data

September 2015 / online

In September, EUMETSAT OSI SAF, in collaboration with guest speakers from NOAA, will offer one-day online real-time event about the RapidScat data.

RapidScat is a space-based scatterometer that measures wind speed and direction over the ocean, and is useful for weather forecasting, hurricane monitoring, and observations of large-scale climate phenomena. RapidScat is attached to the international space station and will run for a short time only. The ISS orbit also means that RapidScat instrument allows for inter calibration between scatterometers.

The webinar will present ways users can obtain the RapidSact data, cases of use, and also will touch upon key issues of data quality and things to watch out for.

Futher  details and the registration link will be provided through the EUMETSAT Training Zone and the EUMETSAT Users Twitter account.