Training of Trainers on R Instat Workshop at EUMETSAT

Training of Trainers on R Instat Workshop at EUMETSAT

14 to 15 September 2017 / Darmstadt, Germany

Following Instat, widely used in Africa for making climatological use of ground-based meteorological measurements, R-Instat is a software for beginners in statistics packages. Developed by Stats4SD, it is an important tool for climate training in Africa.

CM SAF R Toolbox is a set of R scripts for processing statistical analysis of gridded data in R, for both time-series analysis of a single pixel and spatial analysis (mean, max, min, stddev, trends). It also includes ‘standard’ plotting functionalities needed in the context of analysing CM SAF, such as maps, scatterplots, line plots, histograms.

To facilitate the use of CM SAF data and based on the importance of satellite climate monitoring data, an integration of CM SAF R Toolbox functionalities in R Instat was proposed.

During a two-day workshop Prof. Roger Stern, Dr Danny Parsons, and Dr Sebastian Steinmüller, from Stats4SD, introduced the new R Instat software, with a special focus on the Climate Menu and the functionalities of the CM SAF R Toolbox.

As a result, Stats4SD supported the EUMETSAT climate training course in Pretoria, South Africa, in November 2017. Further collaborations with Stats4SD will be explored in the context of integrated climate training.