Training Resources for Probabilistic Forecasting

Training Resources for Probabilistic Forecasting

Online, MetEd

Many weather services around the globe have expressed interest in training on the communication of forecast uncertainty, and on theory and use of EPS products.

This signal was captured by, among others, Eumetcal, who facilitated and supported the work of a dedicated team of experts from around Europe called the EPS Expert Team. The team focused on the development of learning resources on topics like communication of forecast uncertainty and the use and interpretations of EPS products. The team is composed of experts and trainers from ECMWF and European national weather services (DWD, AEMET and SMHI).

Since MSC of Canada had already developed a learning module with UCAR/COMET on communicating forecast uncertainty and was planning new ones, it became natural to join the efforts and work together; in this way each partner could bring to the table its own expertise and also reach out to a much larger audience. The first concrete result of this ‘trans-continental’ cooperation was achieved at the end of March 2017 with the publication of two online learning modules, hosted on the COMET’s MetEd platform. The team is currently developing a final learning module about the application of EPS to meteorological case studies.

More information is available in The Training Portal.