Training module on Metop AVHRR RGB images

Training module on Metop AVHRR RGB images

Middle of 2017 / Online module

A new training module on Metop AVHRR RGB images will be published soon.

The module has been tuned to create good quality Metop/AVHRR RGB images, as close to the EUMETSAT-recommended SEVIRI RGB schemes as possible.

Four RGB types (Natural, Cloud, Night and Day Microphysics RGBs) are discussed separately, following logical structure:

  • The aim of the RGB type
  • Physical background
  • How to create the given RGB type
  • Typical colours
  • Examples of interpretations
  • Benefits and limitations
  • Comparisons with the most similar standard SEVIRI RGB type
  • Exercises


After discussing the four RGB types separately the daytime RGBs are compared to each other, and the effect of the scanning geometry is also discussed.

The main aim of the training module is to help the users (weather forecasters and other experts) to understand and use these RGB types, by giving them background information, examples and exercises.

The module will be available from the EUMeTrain website.