Online course ‘Synoptic and mesoscale system analyses’

Online course ‘Synoptic and mesoscale system analyses’

11 January 2021 to 22 February 2021 / Online

EUMeTrain, in co-operation with EUMETCAL and EUMETSAT, is offering the online course ‘Synoptic and mesoscale system analyses’.

This course will focus on improving forecaster skills by using the available satellite data in synoptic and mesoscale analysis. The participants will learn to use the satellite imagery, in combination with other meteorological data sources, in order to interpret mid-latitude cyclones, fronts, frontal sub-structures, mesoscale features in cold air, summer convection, orographic features, and shallow clouds. The course will include self-guided study, in combination with online presentations, quizzes and playground sessions.

The trainers will include Wilfried Jacobs (DWD), Vesa Nietosvaara (EUMETSAT), Rob Groenland (KNMI), Andreas Wirth (ZAMG), Jurgen Buelens (Meteo Wing – BAF) and Peter Schmitt (DWD).

The registration for the course closed in November.