Integrated Modelling Workshop (supported by COST Action EOS)

Integrated Modelling Workshop (supported by COST Action EOS)

5 February – 9 February, 2018 / Hamburg, Germany

This Integrated Modelling Course brought together expertise from the operational satellite processing and the numerical modelling communities, enabling attendees to learn about a broad range of approaches to processing and exploiting earth observation data and numerical model output.

After two weeks of preparatory online lessons, participants from across Europe, Georgia and Kazakhstan, were met by trainers from PML, CLS, Brockmann Consult, EUMETSAT, the University of Liege, ICM, KNMI, and NIB at BSH in Hamburg.

The course focused on EUMETSAT CMDS products, plus data from CMEMS and OSI-SAF. It included sessions on processing L1/L2 data from each of the three Sentinel-3 sensor platforms, approaching satellite derived wind and sea-ice data, designing and implementing processing chains, assimilating data into numerical models, statistical gap filling of satellite data, and numerical model validation. The course also introduced attendees to a multitude of data manipulation and pre-processing tools. This highly interactive week featured practical, hand-on sessions throughout.

After an intensive, but rewarding week, candidates reported that they had a highly positive experience, especially being encouraged to interact extensively with both the trainers and each other, and that they left with a firm grasp of new data sources and the techniques used to exploit them.