Including VIIRS imagery in the RGB Colour Interpretation Guide

Including VIIRS imagery in the RGB Colour Interpretation Guide

Online, EUMeTrain

The RGB Colour Interpretation Guide (CIG) contains short guides on several satellite instruments, RGB types, colours, and phenomena. It also contains the recipes of the RGB types and a tool helping with the analysis of RGB images.

Each guide is about a phenomenon (e.g. snow, dust, clouds…), demonstrating how it looks in a specific RGB from a specific satellite instrument. The short guides describe the typical colour of the given phenomenon in the given RGB, together with specific examples, the most important information, remarks, and the explanation of the colour (physical background).

The aim of the RGB Colour Interpretation Guide is to help weather forecasters (and other RGB users) to work with RGB images, in conjunction with the two-page RGB Quick Guides and the longer, more detailed RGB training modules.

The CIG already contains SEVIRI and AVHRR guides and some VIIRS RGB recipes and guides were recently added. As VIIRS measures in channels that will be in the future FCI instrument (imager of the Meteosat Third Generation satellites), VIIRS data can serve as proxy data for the future standard Meteosat RGB types. The guide is continuously being expanded, so it’s always worth checking.

The CIG can be accessed at the EUMeTrain website.