HSAF Soil Moisture Event Week

HSAF Soil Moisture Event Week

From 4 to 8 November 2019 / Online

In November EUMeTrain ran an event week on Soil Moisture (SM) products of H-SAF. H-SAF Soil Moisture products were highlighted and an insight on these products from a scientific and application-oriented point of view was presented.

During the event, the focus was on topics depicting the important role of soil moisture for environmental (e.g. flood, drought) and weather prediction systems.

The presentations included topics such as the description of the theoretical background for performing drought analysis with satellite Soil Moisture products. Participants were also shown how to use soil moisture data in identifying drought conditions. Additionally, several presentations focused on describing the theoretical background for using satellite SM products in flood prediction.

The final session of the event week was a presentation on how accurate estimations of hydrological variables, such as soil moisture, are important to the Civil Protection; enabling them to issue early warnings and improving the monitoring of severe rainfall events that could trigger floods and landslides at local scale.

The lectures were broadcast using the WebEx Training Center platform.

Details on the programme and the recordings can be found here.