Fog simulator

Fog simulator


A new meteorological simulator on monitoring and forecasting fog has been published by EUMeTrain. Meteorological simulators are perfect to use for teaching and/or for testing your existing knowledge in different fields.

Fog and low stratus phenomena can occur at many different places around the globe and at different times of year and day. It is difficult to both forecast and monitor, and can have a determining influence on our daily life, for example on aviation.

For this fog simulation, you will have to advise the pilot of a small airplane during his flight across the Alps. It isn’t, however, specifically developed for aviation meteorologists. It is made for anyone who wants to practice a common fog situation with basic data (forecast and nowcast). A meteorological background is helpful, but not mandatory. The forecast area is Austria, but the simulator can be used by anyone in any country.

To access the simulator click here.