EUMETSAT / Copernicus short courses in the frame of #shareEGU2020

EUMETSAT / Copernicus short courses in the frame of #shareEGU2020

May 2020 / Online

The EUMETSAT training team recently delivered a series of three short online courses, in the frame of #shareEGU2020.

They were:

  • Using the Copernicus Marine Data Stream for Marine Applications
  • Using the Copernicus Atmosphere Data Stream for Atmosphere Applications
  • Using EUMETSAT’s Climate Data Records: Satellite data for climate applications


More than 200 scientists from around the world registered for the three events. Each event consisted of a webinar and hands-on exercises to explore the data. All courses were hosted on Moodle, made use of video conferencing tools, and used for questions and polls. The hands-on session were conducted using Jupyter Notebooks and the CM SAF R Toolbox, hosted on the European Weather Cloud. At the end of the sessions, participants were able to share and discuss the outcome of their project work.

EUMETSAT is currently preparing another series of short courses on different subjects related to EUMETSAT and Copernicus data and services. The series will start in Autumn 2020. Keep an eye on and don’t miss the opportunity!