Eumetcal Workshop

Eumetcal Workshop

11 to 13 Nov / Online

Due to real world limitations, this year’s EUMETCAL workshop was moved online. The three-day workshop was hosted on the Eumetcal WebEx training platform using an Open Space format – with no set agenda initially, instead the agenda was created during the workshop by the attendees. This enabled everyone to propose topics grounded in work-related needs and to share experiences or ideas.

Forty-eight participants from more than 18 countries participated. It was a new experience for most of the participants – both in terms of Open Space and the online format. The Miro board, a visual collaboration platform, was successfully used for note-keeping, sharing resources, agenda setting, and more.

Multiple discussions were hosted at the same time and participants were able to choose which one to participate in. Discussed topics ranged from satellite image interpretation to ways of making the subject of meteorology more popular among younger people.

Every day ended with a ‘harvest’ – a whole group meeting to share, summarise, and reflect on every topic and, where appropriate, to agree on an actionable plan ahead.

The group agree that this online setting and format was very valuable and could be a viable solution in the future.