Aleksandra Tusińska’s traineeship at Eumetsat

Aleksandra Tusińska’s traineeship at Eumetsat

From 09 to 07 April 2017 / EUMETSAT HQ in Darmstadt, Vilnius and Ljubljana

“During the three months between January and April 2017 I had a memorable opportunity to improve my skills in satellite meteorology and to learn from the best trainers in this field – as a trainee in EUMETSAT‘s headquarters in Darmstadt.

My main duties during this time were to take part in the organisation of Baltic+ 2017 course and revision of the Convection Working Group’s Best Practice Document. These tasks were executed both on site in Darmstadt and on foreign missions in Vilnius and Ljubljana.

As a trainee I got a lot of substantive help from my tutor Vesa Nietosvaara. All benefits I gained from observing and co-operating with Vesa and other members of the Training Team I found not to be overstated. As a result, soon after coming back to Poland I started to revise the training process in my home institution.

Last but not least, my time in EUMETSAT was very exciting also due to a lot of very nice, helpful and fascinating people from all around a world working in this organisation and with whom I had an occasion to work with in Vilnius and Ljubljana. Thank you all very much!”

-Aleksandra Tusińska, Hydrometeorological Service of the Polish Armed Forces