Supporting SESAR Deployment

Supporting SESAR Deployment


EUMETNET Members participate in four SESAR Deployment Implementation Projects and supports the SESAR Deployment Manager.

For further information see the press release and the statement delivered on Twitter:

Process of automatic pollen counting


The hayfever radar website has an interesting and explanatory article about the process of automatic pollen counting.

It links back to our Autopollen Programme.

European Nowcasting Conference (ENC) 2019


ENC 2019

27 May 2019

3rd European Nowcasting Conference
24-26 April 2019
AEMET, Madrid

The third European Nowcasting Conference took place in Madrid from 24 to 26 April 2019, and was attended by around 100 participants from 22 countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States), representing National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, universities/research institutes and the commercial sector. They presented their latest findings on observations, seamless prediction, nowcasting techniques and systems, verification and user aspects. Different methods of warning procedures were presented, the potential of artificial neural networks was examined (e.g. concerning the evolution of thunderstorms), and new approaches for forecast uncertainty estimates were investigated. Besides the many excellent presentations, there was room for discussions during dedicated time slots at the end of each session and during poster sessions.

To see all the posters and presentations of the conference please click here.

Book of abstracts

Conference programme

E-SURFMAR – 2018 A year in review



This animation shows the weather and surface marine observations over the Europe-Atlantic area for the year 2018.

Each of the 24 frames per second shows, for a given date and hour, contours of 6-hour averages of mean-sea-level pressure from ERA5 (generated using Copernicus Climate Change Service information 2019), as well as locations of all observations from buoys or ships or fixed platforms received within +/- 12 hours.


EMS Session on SRNWP


Find out more about the SRWNP session that will take place at the annual EMS meeting in Copenhagen.


Weekend storm animation


During the weekend of 26-27 January 2019, a deep cyclone passed across  British Isles and Ireland, over the North Sea and into central Europe.  It caused severe winds across the British Isles, Ireland, parts of France, BeNeLux and France. This OPERA animation shows the showers and precipitation bands.

Summer course “Advanced Aerobiology 2019”


Please find below the announcement for the Summer Course “Advanced Aerobiology 2019“.

The registration deadline has been extended to the 22nd March.


European Nowcasting Conference 2019


The third European Nowcasting Conference (ENC) is organised under the umbrella of the EUMETNET Nowcasting Programme and will be held at the headquarters of AEMET in Madrid from 24 to 26 April 2019. The goal of the conference is to promote recent advances in the theory and practice of nowcasting in Europe and other parts of the world. The conference welcomes participants from operational, research and forecast user communities to discuss methods for improving the quality of nowcasting in Europe. The scientific program will feature keynote addresses as well as contributed presentations and offer room for discussions.

More information on this conference can be found here:

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Agencia Estatal de Meteorología 40.451200, -3.723930 Agencia Estatal de Meteorología C/Leonardo Prieto Castro 828071 - MadridSPAIN Tel. +34 915 819 882Send a mail: _

E-SURFMAR – a year in review


The weather of 2017 at the marine surface over the EUMETNET area can be viewed above.


ENC 2017


2nd European Nowcasting Conference
3-5 May 2017
DWD, Offenbach

The 2nd European Nowcasting Conference (ENC), organised under the umbrella of the EUMETNET nowcasting project ASIST, was held at the headquarters of DWD in Offenbach, Germany, from 3 to 5 May 2017. Close to 100 participants from 24 nations presented their latest findings on observations, nowcasting techniques, verification, user aspect and combined nowcasting/numerical weather prediction. Besides the many excellent presentations, there was plenty of room for discussions during dedicated time slots at the end of each session as well as during poster sessions and coffee breaks.

To a large extent, observation and nowcasting techniques dedicated to convective phenomena were presented, indicating that thunderstorms and lightning are still one of the major themes in nowcasting. Furthermore, it could be noted that, even at individual national meteorological services (NMS), a wide variety of nowcasting systems and models are available which can lead to an overwhelming (and sometimes inconsistent) suit of nowcasting information available for forecasters. It is thus not surprising, that efforts towards seamless prediction systems, incorporating a multitude of nowcasting and NWP models, can be noted. While nowcasting is still tied to observations and their short-term extrapolation, the combination of nowcasting with NWP is gaining momentum as NWP systems with rapid update cycling are approaching the nowcasting domain.

While the conference gave an impressive view of the many efforts in nowcasting techniques, there currently still seems to be a lack of coordinated activities. Similar systems are developed in parallel at different research institutes or NMS’s and one might ask if a coordination of those efforts could be fruitful and result in widely accepted and applied nowcasting tools. Modelling consortia, such as those for NWP’s, are not yet existent for nowcasting. Possibly, such cooperation is difficult due to regional and observation specific characteristics as well as the end-user focused nature of nowcast-ing . In this heterogeneous and interdisciplinary setting, it is important that the EUMETNET nowcasting project ASIST continues to support the cooperation between nowcasting researchers and practitioners among NMS’s.

To see all the Posters and presentations made at the conference please click here.

Book of abstract: enc_book_of_abstract
Conference Programme: enc_program