EIG EUMETNET runs three Programmes related to Climate. Climate monitoring and research is essential for understanding the past and future climate's variability and expected changes.

Climate Programme

The objective is to support its 25 members in their climate practices in order to better serve the European user community with climate products and services for the benefit of environment, safety, economy and health. The Programme Manager is Gé Verver from KNMI.


Operational Services

The Climate Programme Operational Services relate to the maintenance of, and accessibility to, the legacy capabilities developed in earlier phases. These are the ECA&D and PEP725 data sets. 


The aim is to ensure that the benefits of these capabilities are not lost to members and to put in place a sustainable maintenance at minimal cost for the system and enable access by Members. The manager of Operational Services activity is Aryan van Engelen from KNMI.

Support to Members The Support to Members activity with the aim to coordinate climate monitoring, climate data management, data recovery and standardization of climate observation practices and quality management; to enable capacity building across EUMETNET in the field of climate data and monitoring (in synergy with and supporting the work of WMO and the RAVI RCC’s); to organize workshops and conference for Members where necessary and agreed with the Participating Members. The manager of the Support to Members activity is Ingeborg Auer from ZAMG.