Online Educa Berlin

Online Educa Berlin

2-4 December 2015 / Berlin

EUMETSAT,WMO and EUMETCAL were present at Online Educa Berlin, one of the biggest European events addressing current ideas, discoveries and challenges in distance learning.  Workshops, discussions and presentations were targeted at corporate, government, and school sectors. Exhibitors provided a range of technological solutions for all audiences.

In the Knowledge Exchange workshop, participants from both university and corporate environments discussed their experiences and challenges with implementing effective blended learning. Later Stephen Downes lead a session on developing personal learning environments (PLEs). Read more in the Blended, Flexible, and Personalized article.

Other highlights of the event included an inspiring presentation by futurist Simon Nelson, a session on the state and future of MOOCs, and a panel session on diffusion of online learning for vocational training in developing countries. YouTube was claimed the most popular learning platform, and it was argued that “any lecturer that can be replaced by a YouTube video will be”.  Read more about how the shift is accelerating.

One of the best sessions of the last day was on ‘Future Work and Future Workers’. Several futurists posed their visions of how the world of work is changing. Read more in The future of work and learning article.