A new coat for ePort!

A new coat for ePort!

Online platform

In mid-November  new ePort software went  online. While keeping the name, the technical concept behind this web-based visualisation tool is completely new.

ePort now uses the ‘Map Viewer’ tool developed by IBL. Similar to the previous version of ePort, the new tool is based on Flash©, but  uses web mapping technology to display satellite and model data. ePort can be opened by selecting the corresponding pull-down menu on the EUMeTrain webpage.

However, ePort handling has changed. Image and NWP combinations are more tightly connected; the most frequently used combinations are predefined so meteorological information is available with less clicks. NWP parameters are available on main pressure levels and, similar to the old ePort, five geographical regions have been defined where meteorological information can be displayed.

While the old ePort could not be developed further, the new ePort can — thanks to web mapping technology it can be be upgraded by other regions and input data. An archive will be built up during the next five years to become a rolling archive.

The old ePort will remain accessible on eumetrain.org in the archive mode.