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Good To Know

Online Module Interpreting and communicating EPS guidance: Germany Winter Event
A new COMET lesson, Interpreting and Communicating EPS Guidance: Germany Winter Event, has now been published on the MetEd* website.
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Springtime aviation simulator
Weather simulators are a great tool for both teaching and assessing weather forecaster competency. The new sim in the EUMeTrain
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Fog simulator
A new meteorological simulator on monitoring and forecasting fog has been published by EUMeTrain. Meteorological simulators are perfect to use
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Full CALMet Moodle Course
Interested in how you can create an effective learning environment for your students in Moodle? With thanks to EUMETSAT, WMO,
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Basic Satellite and NWP Integration
NWP is one of the most important forecasting tools in our toolbox. Yet identifying when/where it is not capturing reality
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Basic Climate Analysis Using the CM SAF R Toolbox
The new online lesson provides a brief overview of the satellite-based climate data records (CDRs) generated by EUMETSAT‘s Satellite Application
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