In the 2019-2023 EUMETNET phase Eumetcal should become a central partner for all E&T related challenges in the EUMETNET community.  This means that Eumetcal will not be limited to the forecasting capability area alone, but will actively stimulate collaboration throughout the whole of EUMETNET to solve the most urgent training needs in all capability areas. Given the limitations, Eumetcal will not be able to solve these challenges all by itself but will do this by connecting (Member) parties with the same kind of E&T needs. Eumetcal  will support this process by connecting parties providing that the infrastructure which is needed for some members is available. Furthermore, it will support and enhance the trainer’s community. This will not all be settled at once but will need time to develop. For the first two years Eumetcal  will mainly focus on:

  • Continuation of most of the important Eumetcal features to enable the Members to continue their E&T activities,  preserving all training material, knowledge and opportunities on collaborating projects.
  • Perform an extensive assessment of training and infrastructure needs among all Members and partnering institutes involved in EUMETNET.
  • Reconsider all the objectives of the EUMETNET E&T Plan.
  • Make a plan (including the required budget) for the continuation of Eumetcal 2 for the last three years of the programme phase.
  • Create different packages for subscription by Members that have specific E&T needs.


To contact the Eumetcal management team please send an email to info@eumetcal.eu.

“True collaboration between Member state institutions in training activities.”