Radar Network

  • As of March 2016, OPERA members had 226 operational weather radars. Of these 205 were Doppler radars and 99 dual-polarization radars. In 2013, the numbers were 202/184/48, so a significant part of the network has been upgraded during the last few years.
  • Measurement range varied from 200 to 400 km, average 248 km
  • The Northernmost radar was Hasvik radar in Norway (70 N) , the southernmost radar was Spanish Arternara radar in Gran Canaria (28 N). Furthest west was Keflavik radar in Iceland, furthest east the Berlevaag radar in Norway.
  • Oldest radar foundation year given was 1970, but it it is somewhat subjective to say when a new radar is replacing old one and when an old radar is just upgraded.
  • 34 radars were founded before 1990, and 73 after 2000.
  • There are two interactive tools: the map tool below and another one under link "Radar database" in the left sidebar.  In map tool below you can learn about individual radars, in the table tool you can create lists with different criteria.