The Objective

The objective of ECSN is to organise improved co-operation of its Members in the field of climate and related activities in order to expand their capabilities to support the European user community through enhanced provision of :

a) high quality climate data and products,

b) services and advice based on the Members climate expertise.

The scope of cooperative activities within EUMETNET extends to areas such as :

a) exchange of information : through publication and dissemination of ECSN activities ; updated European Climate Assessment ; conferences, workshops and training,

b) data projects : critiquing data, analyzing them, constructing data sets, developing catalogues and meta data,

c) methodology and applications of climatology : improving climate monitoring and measurements ; identifying users, customers and benefits of climate information ; collaborating on climate impact studies,

The tasks

The work programme focuses on managing projects, in which members participate and that have a larger than national scope. Next ECSN organises the biennial Data Management Workshop and the European Conference on Applied Climatology. The delegates of the members convene at least annual in the ECSN Advisory Committee (EAC), reporting and discussing about the ongoing and new projects and other initiatives. ECSN co-ordinates its activities with those of existing European organizations in the field of meteorology, such as ECMWF and EUMETSAT, collaborates with non Member NMHSs and the research and user communities. ECSN has a partnership with the WMO-RAVI Working Group on Climate Related Matters

The organisation

The current Programme phase will last until end of 2011. The Programme Coordinating Member is the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. The Programme Manager is Mr. Aryan F.V. van Engelen (KNMI), chair of the EAC is Dr. Ingeborg Auer (ZAMG).