The mission

E-PROFILE continues the operational service of E-WINPROF (former programme) providing vertical profiles on wind measurements from radar wind profilers (vertically pointing radars) and weather radars from a network of locations across Europe. The main goal is to improve the overall usability of wind profiler data for operational meteorology and to provide support and expertise to both profiler operators and end users.

Due to technical advances of the last years ceilometers (lidar principle) provide nowadays not only cloud base height but also information on the vertical distribution of aerosols derived from the backscatter profile. To make available this new observation capacity E-PROFILE will develop a framework to exchange lidar backscatter data. Automatic lidars and ceilometers of stations across Europe will be added to the operational network.



The objectives

The main objectives of E-PROFILE are:

  • To operate the network hub for data processing and quality evaluation of wind data from radar windprofilers.
  • To further develop the real time monitoring of availability, timeliness, quality.
  • To continue the network management of the VAD/VVP winds products from the European weather radar network and liaise with OPERA on network performance and technical issues.
  • To analyze the user requirements for backscatter data from automatic lidars and ceilometers.
  • To produce a business case for the integration of automatic lidars and ceilometers in the operational network.
  • To integrate automatic lidars and ceilometers in the operational network according to the business case.
  • To create and maintain expertise in radar and lidar remote sensing of vertical profiles of wind and aerosols and to make it available to all EUMETNET members through expert teams.
  • To maintain an archive of communicated data and metadata for all systems connected to the network.
  • To maintain the data exchange standards (BUFR code tables).
  • To liaise with International Programmes.
  • To liaise with EUMETFREQ on the protection of frequencies for wind profiler radars.               


The organisation

E-PROFILE started on the 1.1.2013 and will last until 31.12.2017. The coordinating member is MeteoSwiss and the programme manager is Alexander Haefele. The network data hub of E-PROFILE is operated by the UK Met Office.