Composite Observing System EUCOS

EUMETNET Composite Observing System EUCOS
EUCOS is the ground-based or non-satellite observing system designed for EUMETNET Members to serve the needs of the Forecasting (incl. general numerical weather prediction) and Climate Programmes and those of the Members over Europe. The evolution of the network is defined by the EUCOS network design.
Data is provided from several networks of all in EUMETNET and EUCOS participating NMHSs within the EUCOS area 10°N - 90°N, 70°W - 40°E. The EUMETNET Observations Programme Management Team is responsible for the EUCOS co-ordination. One of the main deliverables is to provide statistics summarising the performance of each component of the network, which now comprises of:

  • All European ASAP ships (ASAP = Automated Shipboard Aerological Programme)               
  • All European AMDAR aircraft (AMDAR = Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay Programme)
  • Selected European radiosonde stations
  • Selected surface synoptic stations
  • European VOS ships (VOS = Voluntary Observing Ships)
  • Selected moored and drifting buoys
  • Selected European wind profilers and weather radars
  • Selected GNSS sites providing GPS delay and water vapour measurements.

EUCOS area

The co-ordination of the data acquisition is on the one hand within the responsibility of the Observations Programme Management Team - such as the co-ordination of the surface synoptic stations and the radiosonde stations. On the other hand the Observations Programme Management Team is supported by programme components which are co-ordinated by Operational Service Managers. The Operational Services and Projects are:

  • E-AMDAR (data acquisition from AMDAR aircraft)
  • E-ASAP (data acquisition from ASAP ships)
  • E-GVAP (data acquisition of European GPS delay and water vapour measurements)
  • E-PROFILE (data acquisition from European wind profilers and weather radars and work on establishing a data exchange of Lidar/Ceilometer measurements for the purpose of volcanic ash monitoirng)
  • E-SURFMAR (data acquisition from European VOS ships and buoys)
  • OPERA (data acquisition of European weather radar data to provide European weather radar composite products).